EDINBURG – Company leaders, including CEO Juan Francisco Ochoa Jr., were on hand to break ground on a new Taco Palenque.

The new location, located across the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley will be the second stand-alone store to open in town. The company operates inside the Bert Ogden Arena as well.

“We're very excited, Grupo Palenque, to be here for this opportunity at this great location,” Ochoa said.

Edinburg mayor Richard Molina recalls a former restaurant being where the first Taco Palenque in town now operates. Molina said Taco P changed everything. While the location was prime, the brand played a hand on how traffic moves in and out of the Trenton store.

“Taco Palenque is a winning business,” Molina said. “The reason I say this is because it has already become a name brand.”

The new location will add to the 24 current stores within the company and is expected to do $5 million in sales yearly. Other new stores to open soon will be in Harlingen and Laredo. Taco Palenque is scheduled to open in May 2018. A Palenque Grill is also being planned for late 2019.