Mission CISD Outdoor Adventures class is underway for the first time this year at Mission High School, Mission Collegiate High School, and Veterans Memorial High School. Students have been participating in a variety of activities as part of the curriculum. This class was designed to get students motivated about exercise and activity in an untraditional way.

“We offer individual/team sport classes where physical education students focus on seasonal sports and recreational activities,” states Coach Martina Carrillo, PE & Health District Coordinator. “A vision for the District is to now offer 9th-12th grade students taking PE an option to take a variety of other courses which interest them.”

Currently the students are learning how to assemble and breakdown camping tents. They look forward to future lessons of angler education, hunter education, challenge course, archery, camping, outdoor cooking, orienteering, boater education, survival skills, cpr/first aid, wildlife conservation, paddle sports, backpacking, mountain bike climbing and shooting sports.

The Outdoor Adventures teachers and student at all three high schools are delighted with a donation check of $500 each they received which can be used towards their supplies and equipment. The $1500 donation was provided by Texas State Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation and the check was presented to the teachers that head this class.

Currently the students in the class are learning how to assemble and breakdown camping tents. They look forward to future lessons of fishing, canoeing, and outdoor cooking. In addition to Outdoor Adventures, there also other courses that students can choose from such as Cardio Fitness, Weight Training, and Foundations of Personal Fitness classes. Taking any of these courses will allow students to obtain one credit towards their physical education component for graduation.

“Providing our students with options for their physical fitness will help them better select classes that are of interest to them,” said Coach Carrillo. “Courses like Outdoor Adventures allows students to get their physical exercise while enjoying the outdoors and experiencing lifetime activities.”

Mission CISD-High School Outdoor Adventures Teachers are Denise Rosales (Collegiate HS), Melissa Reyna (VMHS), Rick Lozano (MHS), Ricardo Martinez (MHS) & Mario Pena (MHS); there are at least 150 students at the HS levels taking the Outdoor Adventure course for Mission CISD.