McALLEN - Consuelo Jones, a volunteer and organizer walks around the new facility for asylum seekers with a newborn in her arms. An eight-day-old baby who has recently been born in United States territory by a young asylum seeker.

The new space was granted to the organization in order to provide a better service to those who need the help. The Humanitarian Respite Center began helping families in crisis in 2014, but the influx of people coming in has increased tremendously, making their old facility too small.

“The last space we were in just became too little, this space covers most of the necessities that they need, it gets close to that as much as possible,” Jones said. “Here we give them a place to sleep, basic necessities such as taking a shower, eating a meal and phone services to call their relatives.”

Jones mentioned asylum seekers arrive to the bus station in downtown McAllen and arrive to the center once they wait for their case to be processed. They get in contact with their relatives and wait for their tickets to be purchased by them to be able to get to their final destiny.

“It depends on their relatives how long they stay here, they also provide their time and help here by cleaning and helping out in what they can,” Jones said.

Sister Norma Pimentel is also excited for the facility and feels blessed to have this new space that is big enough which was needed.

“This place was lent to us by a person in McAllen and we are blessed to have that family allow us to have it,” Pimentel said. “Every day the reality continues to be present, and it continues to be a problem where these families flee from their troubles.”

The new facility is located in 209 W. Hackberry Ave.

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Cleaning products

Personal hygiene products

Caps, scarves

Jackets and coats

Shoe laces, belts


Canned food

Toilet paper

Water, milk