Jim Collins quipped about how Inter National Bank used to be able to snag a few customers from the other “International” bank down the street. But now that might be a little difficult Collins, who founded Inter National Bank in 1985, as INB is now officially Vantage Bank Texas.

The merger was completed on Nov. 20 but both banks were operating independently. Monday Dec. 10, Collins, CEO Sam Munafo and several bank employees were on hand to unveil the Vantage Bank Texas logo on the McAllen headquarters.

Munafo gives credit where it is due.

“From the very start, everyone was 100 percent moving forward,” he said. “The merger will increase our lending at the bank, our commitment to community continues to be strong.”

Commitment to the community was evident at the unveiling as Collins handed a $10,000 check to the Salvation Army.

“It's a major part, we work, we live and we give.” Collins said.

According to reports a new holding company was formed, VBT Financial Corp., as part of the merger. Vantage Bank Texas has more than $1.6 billion in deposits and $1.9 billion in assets. The bank employees 480 people and is expected to have 24 branches across South Texas.