EDINBURG – It was as if the recent rains, although not much, served as a back drop for what the City of Edinburg was celebrating at a ground breaking for the first of 10 projects that are suppose to fix drainage problems.

The first drainage project will officially begin Dec. 17 on Doolittle Road next to the new $3 million Janet Vackar Park. There are two schools around the new park and when it rains the roads become flooded and traffic becomes horrendous.

“There's no need of having a $3 million investment when it is flooded when it rains for days,” Edinburg Mayor Richard Molina said. “This is going to help the community.”

City leadership, including former city manager and city engineer recognized four places initially around town that was suffering from a drainage problem. That escalated to 10 projects.

The current project is valued at roughly $309,000 and is the smallest of the 10 lined up for 2019.

“We expedited this right in the middle of December when people are taking a break from school,” Molina said.

The funding for the projects come from a bond voted by Edinburg residents. Another $2.1 million will be allocated for new parks.

The project on Doolittle Road will be completed in seven months. The second project is scheduled to begin early January 2019.