Pharr is No. 1 in sales tax percentage and through that they have been able to mobilize the assistance of the federal government to help the city.

According to the mayor, the $70 million in funding is more than the city has brought before and with the accomplishments in the bag, he believes there is still more to do to help the community.

“I intend to increase the quality of life for our citizens by bringing more projects for them to utilize but that only comes with economic growth,” Hernandez said. “That is why infrastructure is so important and so is pro-business, with that money coming in we do not have to raise taxes.”

During his address the mayor took the time to acknowledge non-profits, present the annual Polo Palacios award and invite Julian Alvarez with the Texas Workforce Commission to present PSJA ISD with its third JET grant.

The Polo Palacios service award is traditionally given to someone who helps the city through their leadership and vision and the 2019 recipient Dr. Daniel King, superintendent of schools for PSJA ISD.

While the City of Pharr celebrates the victories of 2018, it also wants the Rio Grande Valley to grow with them too. Hernandez said if a company wants to do business in Pharr but they are not the right fit, he would be more than happy to send them to McAllen or Edinburg.

“What makes a difference is that the company stays in the Valley so we can have better resources to educate our population, give them better jobs and better quality of life,” he said. “At the end that is what we should be doing.”