Showing a decrease for ninth consecutive year

McALLEN – Every day at 7:30 a.m. McAllen Police Chief Victor Rodriguez has a meeting where he receives a report about the previous day.

In those meetings one of the topics are offenses committed in McAllen, the end result of those reports can be found in the Uniform Crime Report (UCR) where the department reported for the ninth consecutive year that crime is down. For 2018 the crime total was down 7.6 percent.

“It is a pretty outstanding accomplishment over a series of years but we're humbled by the trust the citizens of McAllen place in us and today we report that in 2018 our crime volume dropped by 5.6 percent,” Rodriguez said.

The City of McAllen participates in the Uniform Crime Report (UCR) because the program makes possible the measurement of analysis of the crime index in a uniform manner. The UCR program reports seven index crimes. Those crimes include murder, robbery, aggravated assault, theft/larceny, rape, burglary and auto theft.

The department recognizes these outcomes as the result of a community-wide efforts.


By The Numbers

At the end of 2018 the police department recorded the ninth consecutive crime rate and crime volume reduction, the lowest in 34 years.

At the end of 2018 there were zero murders reported, the only year in 34 years without a homicide.

Five of seven crimes reported were also the lowest in 34 years.

There was an increase in rapes with 12 offenses, burglary with 18 offenses and auto theft 9 offenses.

The Crime rate in McAllen dropped by 7.6 percent. There was 2,572, 2.2 percent growth per year between 2000 and 2010 percent.

The citizens of McAllen contribute to the report by knowing how to be responsible and protecting their property.

“The achievements are a result of a collaborative effort,” Rodriguez said. “We have what I call the greatest community in South Texas, we have responsible citizens and we believe they are already in part one of the biggest reasons we experience crime decreases in McAllen.”


The Safest City

Without diving into politics of the matter, the chief will not deny that state and federal responses resulting in saturation of law enforcement personnel and resources to South Texas, do contribute to the lower crime statistics for the last 10 years.

Rodriguez admits one of the most difficult conversations he has daily as of late with the negative national rhetoric is explaining to people how safe it is to live McAllen.

“I have had people from all of the world in my office including China and France (to name a few),” he said. “They are surprised at the City of McAllen being a modern city from the U.S.”

In some cases even more modern than some cities in their country. There is also a surprise when a geographic boundary makes all the difference in world. In the end though, Rodriguez tells them the border does not mean McAllen is not one of the safest communities in the country.

Rodriguez regularly compares McAllen to the four major ports of entry in Texas as well as the five largest cities in Texas and the result is clear.

“McAllen is a lot safer than anyone of those cities in Texas,” he said.


The report is available on the city website here: