nties asked if the state should step in to help. "There's a lot of federal money out there and it's a shame in my opinion to let some of the local communities not be able to rebuild and mitigate and save money for the future when we may be able to help on some of these big projects," she said. Committee Chair Senator Jane Nelson of Flower Mound said that they can look at this issue closer next week when the General Land Office is scheduled to appear before the Finance Committee as part of the regular appropriations process.

There was also concern for the future expressed by members, and the need for cooperation and coordination between government at all levels. "We need to leave here with a statewide flood plan with oversight and accountability designated for local, state and federal partners," said Lubbock Senator Charles Perry, who chairs the Committee on Water and Rural Affairs. His committee studied the issue over the interim and found that historically, flood mitigation in Texas has been a patchwork of regional efforts that can often cause problems for neighboring areas. "I don't disagree with you that we have money on the table that needs to be pulled down," he told Huffman. "But my caution is, we can end up like a New Orleans, that still doesn't have recovery because nothing was done with oversight, coordination and collaboration." Perry has filed a bill, SB 396, that would direct state agencies to develop a plan for flood disaster response that ensures that all agencies at all levels of government are on the same page when trying to help communities bounce back from hurricanes and other flood events.

The Senate will reconvene Monday, January 28 at 3 p.m.