Veterans Memorial High School Patriots Engineering team visited Salinas Elementary on Friday, January 18, 2019 to talk to the students about robotics. Briana Renee Diaz, VMHS Patriots Engineering Captain, conducted the presentation along with her team members that were on hand to help students with an activity. Students were separated into various groups and given 10 sheets of paper and scotch tape. Their assignment was to build the tallest structure they could with the items provided.

This program is about more than just building robots it is a program that provides life experiences and opportunities. It is about team members establishing connections, learning to work with other people like you would in the industry, it models a real-world engineering process and many other skills students can acquire while participating in FIRST robotics.

These are all points that were covered while Diaz made her presentation to 5th grade students at the campus. Salinas Elementary is only one of the campuses that Patriots Engineering visited, they also went to others throughout the district in an effort of giving students a glimpse of the robotics world.

The team went to four schools on Friday that included Capt. J. Castro Elementary, Salinas Elementary, Cantu Elementary, and Alton Elementary. They conduct presentations twice a year in order to get elementary students interested in robotics.

The VMHS Patriot Engineering team members for this visit are: Briana Diaz, Jacob Castro, Alan Mendez, Antonio Trejo, Luis Flores, Edgar Reyes, and Eduardo Lucio. They are under the direction of Veronica Burgoa, and Roy Villanueva.