After passing the Tax Ratification Election, McAllen ISD has decided to use the money received to fund several projects that will benefit schools in the district.

During a town hall meeting at Lamar Academy superintendent of schools for McAllen ISD Dr. Jose A. Gonzalez spoke about current and future projects, mainly involving school safety and security.

For example security lobbies are currently in place at middle schools. The lobbies are areas where campus visitors are buzzed in by school district police after being screened. Security lobbies are being put into place in McAllen Memorial and McAllen High school in the near future with the TRE funding.

“I was principal at Cathey Middle School for a number of years, for six years and one of my concerns in lunch duty would be the direct access to student body,” Gonzalez said. “I always worried about that, we have a safe community, I’ve never felt unsafe but always had concern.”

The presentation was followed by examples of surveillance that will also be purchased, a better intercom system and upgraded science labs for high schools. Lamar Academy will also be getting new science labs and rooms such as staff development will be renovated to make space for these.

“It’s progress and it's progress because our community trust us, and we are excited about that,” Gonzalez said.

After doing the presentation, parents and teachers in attendance were able to ask a question and say their concerns to the superintendent.

Nereyda Morales from Thigpen-Zavala elementary, a reading interventionist thought the meeting and presentation was appropriate and settled many doubts.

“He had a list that was supposed to be accomplished and that’s exactly what they are doing,” Morales said. “He answered all of our questions and in my opinion he is doing everything that needs to be done and we are in very good hands with our board.”

Maria Torres, a parent of a student at Lamar Academy felt like the presentation and meeting was also successful.

“I liked to see parents that were heard as they voiced their opinions and concerns, sometimes the problems are not heard by the principal of the school or the main authority and here they were able to be heard openly,” Torres said.

Torres said that having the opportunity to express themselves and be heard was what she enjoyed the most while attending.

“I also like the safety lobbies idea, schools did not have that safety before and it just makes me feel safer,” she said. “Whenever you see about things that happen in other schools it worries me, this is a great idea.”