What began as a research project associated with an Advanced Placement (AP) Capstone Research course, students at Mission Collegiate High School (MCHS) turned their original research papers into a published book that is available for order on Amazon.com or bookstores.

The book is titled, Journal of Secondary Interdisciplinary Studies, V.1. It represents the efforts MCHS students put into the last two years with MCHS Social Studies teacher, Jesus Montemayor, and highlights the research conducted by several students who went through the AP Capstone program at MCHS.

“The end result is remarkable,” said Montemayor. “This academic journal is a testament to all of their hard work in contributing to academia.”

Montemayor explained that the journal is based on interdisciplinary studies and focuses on a diverse set of topics. The students engaged in extensive research practices, such as creating surveys, inputting data on spreadsheets, submitting public request forms for information, annotating their literature reviews, and conducting interviews. Additionally, they had to peer-review and edit their work on a consistent basis, while also continuing to read and update their bibliography when needed. The end result was remarkable.

The journal contains the academic research papers of the following MCHS graduates: Brenda Rangel, Development of Psychopathy Evaluation; Harry Siegel, The effects of Residual Crystallization on the Resistivity of TPU-CNF Blend; Xitlaly Villanueva, Efficiency Estimate for the EB-5 Program Based on Job Creation and GDP; Chelsie Barrientos, Hidalgo County’s Narco-Culture; Debbie Rodriguez, Wonder Woman Reappraised; Stella Rios, Ludology and Narratology Debate of the Silent Hill Franchise; Victoria Rodriguez, Misinterpretations of Immigration Laws in regards to Ethnic Identification and “Unaccompanied Immigrant Children.”

The art pieces selected in the published journal were also created by students at MCHS. Under the guidance of Lourdes Acuna, these particular art pieces were selected to showcase the talent of MCHS art students. The works were portrayed by: Yaired Osornio, My Proletarian Life; Citlali Martinez Vallejo, Deer Girl; Mariana Molina, Teenagers Overcoming Fear; Jovita Juarez, Beauty of Nature.

Montemayor admits that the journey in producing the academic journal was the most challenging of his career. He mentions many of those who supported the effort in the Acknowledgments of the journal which includes the AP Capstone class involved during the time. “In my career, I have never seen students who were more independent and motivated as the MCHS AP Capstone class. I want to thank them for their work ethic, time, and most of all, for not giving up on the course. Thank you Leslie, Chelsie, Brenda, Stella, Samantha, Xitlaly, Wendy, Victoria, Debbie, Harry, Eriq, Ralf, and Ivens for everything you did for the AP Capstone course. Believe it or not, you not only better yourselves, but you have proven that you are more than capable to earn a graduate degree and better the world around you.”

The Journal of Secondary Interdisciplinary Studies, V. 1 was published through A&M Publishing and is available on Amazon.com. Local bookstores can also order the book using the ISBN: 978-0-578-43746-0.