The South Texas College Music Department was the recipient of a $60,000 grant from the Rea Charitable Trust Foundation.

The grant will help the music department expand the existing South Texas College band program with funds to purchase high-quality instruments for use in the Symphonic Band, as well as in the Brass Ensemble, Woodwind Ensemble, and applied music lessons.

The purpose of this grant is to better prepare music students at STC by providing them the experience with musical instruments they would likely encounter as professionals. This grant gives students an opportunity to learn and engage in the visual and performing arts at South Texas College.

Dr. Virginia Champion, Director of Grant Development, Management, and Compliance expressed her gratitude for the grant.

“This is the second grant that South Texas College has been awarded from the Wells Fargo Rea Charitable Trust Foundation, and we are very pleased with their commitment to support the music department with this $60,000 grant, which is double the size of the initial grant we received,” said Dr. Champion.

South Texas College students who are music majors will utilize the new instruments purchased through the grant to provide two concerts each semester.

The music department plans to host performances throughout STC’s surrounding area in an effort to expand access to the performing arts for the community. The grant funding period is from Dec. 1, 2018 to July 30, 2019.

Department Chair for the music program, William Buhidar, voiced his excitement for the music department.

“With these particular funds, we are talking about being able to get the additional instruments that a standard symphonic band would use,” Buhidar said.

The Rea Charitable Trust Foundation was created in 2009 with its primary purpose being “promotion of the arts.”

For more information regarding the grant for the STC Music Department, please call 956-872-2503.