McALLEN - Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush spoke at Educational Service District Region One’s Financial Literacy Conference to students learning about the importance of the value of a dollar and how finance works.

Earlier this year, Commissioner Bush dedicated 2019 to “A Conversation with our Future,” engaging with schoolchildren, parents and teachers across the state. As a former public high school teacher and investment firm manager, Commissioner Bush understands the importance of this topic and how it is beneficial for our students to learn early on.

“The ability to understand how money works is an essential skill for any young leader,” said Commissioner Bush. “These skills will serve students well, whatever they do, and wherever they go. When they go to college, these skills will help keep them out of debt. When they graduate and start a career, these skills will help them manage their expenses and save for the future. When they start having families of their own, these skills will help them teach their own kids.”

The Texas General Land Office is committed to making sure Texas' students of today are prepared for the future tomorrow.