Transformation is coming to Salinas Elementary School for the 2019-2020 school year that Mission Consolidated Independent School District (CISD) officials say should make an already great campus, even better. Beginning this fall, the campus curriculum will be injected with a little more drama...and music, and dance, and other aspects of the fine arts. Salinas Elementary School will become the district’s first fine arts academy.

“We have been looking for ways to improve upon our offerings to the families of Mission CISD,” explained Dr. Carol G. Perez, superintendent of schools. “College readiness and STEM has been a focus for all our elementary schools. Now we are giving our community another option for those who also want to let their children explore their more creative sides while still maintaining strict college readiness standards.”

Perez reassures parents who already send their children to Salinas Elementary School that they can still depend upon their campus to provide the best instruction possible. She says now the campus will begin to inject the fine arts into the curriculum subjects. “This won’t take away from anything that the school has already been doing,” Dr. Perez said. “This shift will just layer aspects of fine arts into what they have already been doing.”

Perez also said that she hopes the campus will attract the attention of area parents who feel a fine arts academy is what their children would benefit from, and choose to transfer their students to Salinas Elementary School. “We have accepted out-of-district transfers for several years and also allowed for in-district transfers,” she said. “We are working on streamlining the transfer approval process for those who are interested in sending their children to Salinas Elementary School beginning this fall.”

Transfer request forms can be picked up from the Mission CISD Central Office located at 1201 Bryce Drive in Mission. Interested parents can also choose to pick up a transfer request at Salinas Elementary School which is located at 10820 N. Conway, just south of state highway 107. The transfer forms are also available on the Mission CISD website, then selected the “Parent” link at the top, and then “Student Transfers.”