Desure will open for Midland at Pharr Events Center

Come June 27 Midland will take the stage at the Pharr Events Center. The ticket line the day sales for the show opened indicate the house will be packed.

But before listening to “Drinkin' Problem” or “Burn Out” by the trio, be sure to arrive early and listen to Josh Desure; the Los Angeles native serving as the opening act.

Desure was given his first introduction to music from his brothers at 8 years old. Like most little brothers he would tag along where ever they would go. This meant going to punk and rock shows. Also helping was the vast record collection his parents owned with the likes of Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Cat Stevens and the Rolling Stones.

“Then we got into skateboarding in high school and a lot of the videos we would watch made us go get the records people were skating to,” Desure said. “That is where we found out about a lot of bands.”

The inevitable was next. Start a band, cause havoc and play rock and roll.


The Making of Desure

There was a pause on being the next big thing when Desure became the tour manager for Midland. At different times the members of Midland have lived in Los Angeles and they became friends. During that time Desure was going through a rough patch. He had lost some friends and going down the hole of partying that he needed to get out of town.

Midland's bass player Cameron Duddy told him to pack and go work for them as their tour manager.

“He told me it would be fun and a great learning experience,” Desure said.

Desure ended up in Texas and upon arrival they began a tour. He'll admit he picked up all the responsibility that no one wanted to deal with, but the grunt work was well worth it.

One night at a gig at the Crystal Palace in Bakersfield lead vocalist for Midland Mark Wystrach presented him with an offer to open for them.

Desure jumped at the opportunity and the crowd loved it.

“There was people dancing and I was really surprised,” he said. “I had not played in awhile and it felt great.”

Shortly after that the guys in Midland convinced him to play full time. Desure wrote the songs from the EP and took his job being a musician seriously.


Desure The EP

“Kick Rock,” the opening song from his new EP stems from living in Los Angeles. It opens like an homage to Bruce Springsteen. The saxophone rips through setting the stage for six songs that is all Desure.

He'll be the first to admit sometimes he gets labeled as a country artist. And listening to “Spillin' Guts” might help add fuel to the proverbial fire.

“I never have said to be a country artist or have claimed to be a country artist,” Desure said. “I do love country music and I kind of fall into that category through my song writing and the bands I play with.”

The four other songs that round out the EP are “Coming Down,” “Los Angeles,” “West Wind (Stay Here Awhile,” and a cover of Bob Seger's “Sailing Nights.”

For now Desure will continue to tour with Midland but knows the pressure that comes with being up and coming. He thinks it's a good kind of pressure.

“I embrace it,” he said. “Every step of the way is just more responsibilities that are tacked on but you know I just got off tour playing with Willie Nelson and Dwight Yoakam, which I didn't think would happen for a long time.”