The public is invited to a Writers’ Workshop at the Dustin Michael Sekula Memorial Library, hosted by local author/poet Daniel García Ordaz. El Zarape Press welcomes writers, in particular, to the 2nd Annual Talleres Huitzilopochtli -- a full day of workshops and author-panel discussions on composition, the creative process, book publishing, and book marketing.

This event, which will be held at the city library on Tuesday, July 30 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., aims to bring together members of the local writing and publishing community, to engender interaction and connections leading to further collaboration and publishing opportunities. The main goal of the Workshop is to empower the community to educate itself, in that the attendees will listen to one another’s panel discussions and learn best practices in writing, publishing, and marketing.

The first morning presentation will be “Creativity & Mindfulness in Writing” by Katelynn Rentería, author of the young-adult novel The Other Side of the Law. The second morning presentation is “Meaningful Writing and Self-Publishing” in which presenter Christina DeMara will speak on writing, marketing, and pricing your book. The follow-up Mini-Workshop -- on Twitter Fiction / Twitter Poetry -- will be led by Daniel García Ordaz, author of Cenzontle/Mockingbird: Songs of Empowerment (Poetry * Drama).

For the afternoon, the first workshop -- titled “A Living Language from A to And they lived happily ever after” -- will be presented by Dr. Clark von Heller. This will be followed by a Panel Discussion by Poets Against Walls, with panelists Emmy Pérez, César L. de León, Celina A. Gomez, and Carolina Monsivais. The next workshop, “Morning Pages & Sunrise Creativity,” will be presented by Lucinda Zamora Wiley and Sofia Zamora Wiley The final Panel/Workshop -- called “Novena Prompts” -- will be led by McAllen Poet Laureate Edward Vidaurre, whose verses have appeared in multiple publications, including his April 2019 book release Jazzhouse.

The event is geared toward adults, but it is also open to youths ages 13 and older who are accompanied by parents and are willing to engage in the Workshop activities. The event is free of charge and no registration is required, although space is limited. For more information on this event, contact Raul Martinez at 956-383-6246. The library is located at 1906 South Closner Boulevard in front of the historic Echo Hotel.