MISSION – Two weeks ago the Office of Governor Greg Abbott awarded the Mission Economic Development Center a Wagner-Peyser grant to continue their CyberMission series in the CompTIA cybersecurity boot camps at its CEED building.

Julian Alvarez III, commissioner for Texas Workforce Commission was on hand Friday morning to deliver the $500k check.

“Mission thinks outside the box by trying to put individuals into full time employment,” Alvarez said. “What we do in Mission and South Texas, we don't prepare people for jobs, we prepare people for careers.”

The program is set to begin next month and will train 130 students through 11-week courses offered throughout the year. Upon completing the program participants will have earned four IT industry recognized certifications that include CompTIA ITF+, CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Security+. The certifications will be credentials for more than 32 job roles in the information technology field.

This marks the second year the EDC has received the Wagner-Peyser grant to fund the trainings.

For this cohort of students EDC leadership will be moving to a part-time model to give more students the opportunity to sign up and participate.

“This new round of funding for CyberMission will allow us to implement changes to last year's program that will increase the program's level of inclusivity,” Mission EDC CEO Daniel Silva said. “The most important change pertains to shifting from a full-time to a part-time mode, allowing a participant to continue their current employment while studying on the side to become a cybersecurity analyst.”

The EDC also decided to add trainings on the weekends, evenings and summers to accommodate participants with constrained schedules.

Applications are being accepted now with a Aug. 29 deadline. To apply visit cybermissionedc.com.