WESLACO – Hidalgo County Pct. 1 Commissioner David Fuentes hosted a groundbreaking ceremony for new substation offices that will include tax, motor vehicle, planning and health departments.

The new building will be constructed to replace the one lost in the rain event of June 2018.

“We were all displaced from our buildings,” Fuentes said. “We had to make accommodations and find other places to work on a daily basis.”

But now that Pct. 1 offices have been remodeled and the staff has moved back in, there was still a need to find a place for the remaining offices. Funds were set aside two years ago through certificates of obligation because the precinct needed additional space.

The new office will be roughly 5,000 square feet and will cost $1.2 million to build.

Fuentes thought the departments that are going to open in the new building could use a more modern building for better technology and efficiency.

There will also be a drive-through lane in the new building to add convenience for those who are disabled.

Eddie Olivarez, Chief Administrator for Hidalgo County Health and Human Services said some of the fastest growing areas of the county include Pct. 1 with the Delta area, Mercedes and Weslaco.

There are several expansions happening like sewer and water treatment facilities.

Hidalgo County Health Department will have a crucial role in said growth by being able to offer health department permits for health inspectors, permits for development and also serve as a site for command and control.

“One of the things I learned this year is Commissioner Fuentes and his team took a command and control direction with the current facility using it an operations center for the flood event,” Olivarez said.

With the more space in the new facilities the option to serve as a command and control center during an emergency will be more efficient.