Under a new compensation plan for McAllen ISD employees, teachers and librarians will be getting a significant raise averaging 5.67 to 8.78 percent based on their years of experience—significantly above the increase required by the state. Other District staff will enjoy a raise of 4.50 to 5.50 percent of above the mid-point of their pay grade. The new plan was approved by the McAllen ISD Board of Trustees on August 26, 2019. 

The Board of Trustees approved the original 2019-20 compensation plan on June 17, 2019. That plan was based on a projected House Bill 3 gain which was determined to be reasonable at the time of approval. 

As additional guidance has been made available, the calculated gain has exceeded what was previously projected. Therefore, additional compensation adjustments have been made available to all District staff to ensure compliance with HB3. 

Under the plan, teachers and librarians will receive additional monies while all other staff receives a percentage increase. By combining what was approved in June 17, 2019, with what was approved in August 26, 2019, the total compensation adjustments are as follows:

Teachers and Librarians


            1-5 years         $2,750 (average increase of 5.67%)

            6-12 years       $3,500 (average increase of 6.93%)

            13-19 years     $4,250 (average increase of 7.81%)

            20+ years        $5,000 (average increase of 8.78%)


Counselors and Nurses                       4.50%

Hourly/Auxiliary                                5.50%

Other Professionals (non-admin.)       4.50%

Administrators                                    4.50%

We thank staff in the Divisions of Business Operations, Human Resources, and District Operations for their diligence and the Board of Trustees for their support.