Mission Consolidated Independent School District (CISD) teachers got a nice surprise during the district’s recent convocation. Superintendent, Dr. Carol G. Perez announced that all district teachers would receive $100 for their classrooms that would be in addition to the normal funding allocations provided to the campuses for classroom use. 

The district is re-focusing some of the annual federal Title 1, Part A funds allotment to be able to provide teachers with added resources. The money must be used for supplemental instructional resources to benefit student instruction. 

“We know teachers always have a wish list of things they would like to have in their classrooms that are above and beyond the normal instructional tools provided,” explained Dr. Perez. “We wanted to be able to enable our teachers to be able to attain some of those supplemental resources and have been able to do so by re-focusing some of our federal funding to make it happen.” 

District officials have adjusted campus budgets to reflect the change in the federal allocations. Teachers will make the purchases through the district’s purchasing procedures to receive the supplemental resources they feel will best benefit their student’s instructional needs.