McALLEN – A new Family Place Play Area was unveiled at the Lark Branch Library.

The play area grant stems from the company in New York. The organization's mission is to serve childhood development in public libraries for parents and children to teach and learn without modern-day technology.

“It is a safe haven for families to come and play with your children,” Children's Assistant at the Lark Library Branch Diana Corona said. “We are bringing back what playing use to be, taking electronics out and bringing back our imagination.”

The new Family Place Play area will allow workshops, hands-on training and assistance from RGV professionals to implement productive childhood development throughout the year. The new area includes toys for ages 0-5, small and large motor skills, books and professional training received in New York by the library staff.

Corona said The Family Place Play Area is a place for unity.

“Our greatest teachers are parents and children,” she said. “I think I've learned more from them than grown-ups, children teach us how to play so the point of the family place is to bring back family unity.”

Over 400 libraries in the U.S. have been awarded this grant and after 19 years, Lark Branch Library received its new play area.

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