McALLEN - The Children’s Advocacy Center of Hidalgo County (CACHC) and Hinovations Art Gallery hosted ‘Hope, Healing and Justice’, a joint fundraiser to raise awareness on child neglect and abuse through local artists’ works.

According to statistics from CACHC chair of fundraising and board member, Danielle Fox, said one out of ten children will actually report abuse which is a topic that needs addressing. CACHC is a non-profit organization providing vital services to child abuse victims in Hidalgo and Starr counties. It is one in 73 centers in the state of Texas dedicated to promoting awareness and providing resources for children and families affected by abuse and neglect.

“We help children that are victims of abuse ages two to seventeen and we average between 300 - 400 kids a month through our centers,” Fox said. “We’re doing our best to raise awareness and bring attention to this topic that nobody wants to talk about, but needs to be talked about and make it relevant because it is so relevant,” she adds.

A helping hand for both causes that not only focuses on child abuse and neglect but to see what the outcome can look like through the works of local talent. Artists from the Rio Grande Valley, San Antonio, Austin and even Florida painted pieces for the fundraiser’s theme - hope, healing and justice in which a portion of proceeds will go to the artists and the center.

McAllen artist, Celerino “Cele” Castillo III, paintings can be seen with the use of bright colors in liquid metallic acrylic in his “Chicano art” or “Cultura art” style.

“It’s the best self-medication you can have, this is what I do 24/7 and I enjoy it,” Castillo said. His “Chicano art” was influenced by living in Latin America for six years and often paints for different causes. His favorite piece from the fundraiser was his Chicano Santa Claus with the pink suit and brown skin catching your eye. He also dabbles in contemporary art whose works of veterans’ paintings are currently displayed at corporate’s Lone Star National Bank in McAllen.

Other artists’ works like Hazel Hensley depicted what CACHC stands for - hope. Her contributed piece, The Gift of Hope shows a young girl smiling as she holds a lit object (the gift of hope) with a smiling sun in the corner.

Owner of Hinovations Art Gallery and artist herself is Raquel Hinojosa who also contributed to CACHC’s fundraiser and helped recruit the artists through a “Call for Art”.

“[The Children’s Advocacy Center of Hidalgo County] is a group we fully support because we are teaching the youth to be creative and express through the process of art, so it just went hand-in-hand making it a perfect pair,” she said.

Artists works for the fundraiser will be displayed for an additional two weeks where different pieces of limited collections of print, paintings in acrylic, pastels, watercolors, charcoal drawings, sculpture pieces and mixed media can still be purchased by the public. All pieces are original and non-duplicative.

As for the non-profit organization, CACHC provides support and assistance with the following: forensic interviews, crisis interventions, sexual assault nurse examiners (SANE), mental health services, prevention, education and outreach programs and victim advocacy and support.

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