EDINBURG - One of the third-largest water supply companies in the Rio Grande Valley honored its 13 employed veterans on Veteran’s Day with a special ceremony.

An honorary tradition that North Alamo Water Supply Corp. has kept up for five years, reminds us all, not to forget the service our Veterans gave to the country.

“We wanted to honor them and just show them how much of a great service they’ve given us, to have the freedom that we have,” said Steven P. Sanchez, general manager of North Alamo Water Supply Corp.

The water supply company is made up of 125 employees but out of that number are 13 special individuals who help make up the staff.

Employed Veterans were honored with an outdoor flag ceremony each receiving a flag that was flown over the U.S. capitol presented by Sgt. Patrick Roberts, a representative from congressman Vicente Gonzalez.

When asked ‘What does it mean to hire a Veteran?’, Sanchez replied “They’ve got great experience, they’ve been to places that we haven’t been before and they enhance our workforce tremendously because there are decisions that need to be made.”

Vice President, Dennis Goldsberry who not only serves on the board but served our nation in the U.S. Navy from 1956 - 1960 reminds us that:

“Veterans Day is something to be proud of because we kept America safe and I hope we continue to keep it safe,” he said.

Veteran Goldsberry joined the water supply company in 1981 and has since been serving through diligent work earning the VP title of District 2.

The ceremony opened with Economedes High School JROTC posting the flags and had professional singer, Steven Lopez sing the National Anthem.