McALLEN - For manager and owner, Jaime Parra Jr., who owns and operates Parra Furniture and Appliance Center in Brownsville, TX opens Urban Signature Appliance (USA) in McAllen.

Urban Signature Appliance by Parra is an inside-outside-kitchen-outfitters store of home furnishing to appliances. Everything from cafe espresso machines and wine coolers to refrigerators and washer/dryer machines can be found in the McAllen store.

Seven months of planning took place for USA to finally open, Parra Jr., said to attendees present. He shared about when his father opened their first store in McAllen of 1973, however, he had to close down due to high competitors at the time then moving to Brownsville.

Fast forward 46 years later and Parra Jr. is receiving a business plaque on behalf of McAllen Chamber of Commerce and the City of McAllen.

“We are McAllen Chamber of Commerce and we’re here to serve you and help your business out with anything,” said Ashley Castillo who presented the plaque.

Members of the McAllen Chamber of Commerce such as Shepard Insurance; Keep McAllen Beautiful; Total Imaging Solutions; RGV Surplus and others were present for Parra’s USA grand opening.

Parra also shared with members how appreciative he was of their support and thanked his family staff for assisting him in the expansion.

“I’ve been going crazy the past few months because this is something new for me; new as in construction because my dad (Jaime Parra Sr.) did everything in ‘73 and I followed in his footsteps. Something I didn’t think I was ever going to do but I’m glad that I am here in McAllen,” he said.

USA by Parra is located on 400 W. Nolana Ave. Suite A1 supplying all things for the home and kitchen.