When the weekend is just about over and you never even got a chance to unwind, it's time to get together with some of your favorite gals and indulge in some Sunday brunch..

*via text*

Gaby: Morning! How's it going?

Trisha: Been trying to talk myself out of bed for about an hour now. Lol

Gaby: Same here. Mimosas and Cronuts?

Trisha: I'm up! See ya at noon.

Side Note: A Cronut is a croissant-doughnut pastry invented by New York City pastry chef, Dominique Ansel of Dominique Ansel Bakery. If you haven't tried one yet, add it to your "to-do list" ASAP!

As we walked into the open and pleasantly serene setting for Bonhomia, we were instantly delighted by the pastry display full of suggestive treats such as the pink chocolate topped Cronuts, Ruby to be more exact, and the Gold Caramel mini eclairs. We were promptly greeted and instructed to sit wherever we'd like. Upon reviewing the menu options, we all agreed (as is the norm) to order different items and share as needed. wink We know your curiosity is peaked, so here goes. Our brunch assortment consisted of: Croqué Madame (Brioche bread, smoked ham, gruyere, brie, béchamel and a fried egg on top; Pork Rind Tacos (homemade tortillas, onion, garlic, tomato and refried beans with habanero sauce on the side); Chilaquiles (fried tortillas, tomato sauce, cream, manchego cheese, refried beans, cilantro, avocado and a chorizo fried egg on top). How's that for variety?

As for our choice of thirst quenchers, a couple of us couldn't say no to the mimosas prepared with freshly squeezed orange and pineapple juice, while the other opted for two cups of Cafe Americano sweetened to taste with raw sugar cubes. Yes, all the beverages were at tasty as they sound.

Stop by the newly opened Bonhomia, located at 920 N Main Street, Suite #160 in McAllen, TX, and visit with Chef Raquel Rivera. Their hours of operation are Tuesday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and closed on Mondays. Bonhomia is an “events only” venue after 3:00 PM. For more information you can reach them at (956) 627-0594 or followed them on their social media platforms @chefraquelrivera.

Gaby Jones and Trisha Watts work hand-in-hand with the service industry. Jones is in charge of craft and imported beer for L&F Distributors-South Texas and Watts is a freelance writer specializing in the marketing of the service industry. Each week they will have a new adventure and provide an opinion on multiple locations throughout the Rio Grande Valley. They can be reached at dishin.it.956@gmail.com.