SAN JUAN/LAS VEGAS - San Juan native, Ramiro Yanez III, 15, earned the world record title on Nov. 17, in the World Association of Benchers and Deadlifters (W.A.B.D.L) in Las Vegas, Nev. competing in the 14/15 Teen Men 132 Weight Class division.

That division was divided into three categories: bench press, push-pull and deadlift. Yanez received all three titles in world, national and state record for the bench press category, lifting 176.37 lbs. as well as earning two ‘Outstanding Lifter Awards’ (OLA) in the deadlift and push-pull. Yanez pulled four times his body weight with the combination of push-pull and deadlift at a total of 523.59 lbs. The total weight for the deadlift alone was 347.22 lbs. lifted on his first attempt.

As a first-year W.A.B.D.L. competitor, Yanez’s grind came from best friend, Javi who introduced him to the sport.

“He told me ‘hey there’s this gym that I’ve been going to, I think you should come along with me,’” said Yanez III recalling his start in powerlifting. “So ever since then for about seven months I’ve been going almost every day.”

That gym Javi was referring to was none other than River Rat Gym known as “The Power Pit” located in Pharr, TX.

However, this wasn’t Yanez’s first comp for the sport. He had competed in the Southwest Regional in Dallas 2018 who won all golds qualifying to compete in Las Vegas’ 2019 W.A.B.D.L. meet.

NOVEMBER 17, 2019 Day of the W.A.B.D.L. Competition

“I woke up ready to go, went to go eat breakfast and I just - I wanted to win. I wanted to bring back some records,” Yanez III said.

And by bringing home three first-place medals in bench press - also his world record title; deadlift and push-pull and two trophies as an outstanding lifter, Yanez is recognized by his classmates.

“It’s cool. A lot of people know me at school and tell me ‘hey that’s the world champion right there,’” he said with a proud smile.

As a high school student tackling football and homework, Yanez is committed to his powerlifting routine.

“I was going to the gym every day after school. I’d wake up at 6:45 a.m., go to football practice, go to school and then work out with the team after school. After that, I come home and eat and go to the gym till about 9 p.m. and repeat.”

Although the San Juan native is fairly new to the world of powerlifting, he enjoys the grind.

“What I like seeing is going to the gym every day and putting in the hard work and seeing it slowly pay off.”

Yanez automatically qualifies to compete in 2020s W.A.B.D.L. meet in Wisconsin as the new world title champ to defend his title.