McALLEN - Professional wildlife photographer, Hector Astorga to share his intrigue and imagery from photography expeditions spanning five continents at Quinta Mazatlán’s Nights at the Mansion Speaker Series. Join Astorga Thursday, January 23rd at 6 pm, as he presents “Nature Through The Lens: Capturing Wildlife Around the Globe.”

Astorga’s passion for nature and the outdoors began as a child in his native country, Honduras. Currently, he is the ranch manager at the Santa Clara Ranch, a photography ranch that hosts nature photographers from all over the globe. He leads and conducts photography tours & workshops at multiple locations in North America, Central and South America, Europe and Africa. Astorga is also a multi-award winning wildlife photographer. He has consistently won the country's top professional photography contests, including those sponsored by Wildlife in Focus, National Wildlife Federation, North American Nature Photography Association, Valley Land Fund, and Nature's Best Windland Rice International Awards.

Astorga will display a collection of his photographs spanning 10 years, as he narrates his journey as a wildlife photographer. From his early beginnings as an amateur wildlife photographer in South Texas, to becoming a full-time photographer traveling the world and leading photography expeditions across five continents. Astorga will also divulge his personal insights in wildlife photography: from photographic composition, understanding wildlife behavior, viewpoints and positioning techniques, and more. Visit Quinta Mazatlán on Thursday, January 23rd at 6 pm for his presentation!

Nights at the Mansion Speaker Series presents noteworthy speakers and scholars to present lectures related to our global environment, local cuisine and the arts and culture. The program takes place on Thursday evenings through May 2020. Admission is $3 per person. Quinta Mazatlán is located at 600 Sunset Drive in McAllen, one block south of La Plaza Mall on 10th Street. For more information, contact Quinta Mazatlán at (956) 681-3370.