EDINBURG - Former Edinburg City Manager, Juan Guerra held a news conference with attorney representative, Reynaldo Merino about allegations Miriam Cepeda, former City of Edinburg Governmental Relations Liaison employee and ex-fiancé of Guerra accused him of.

The false allegations Cepeda is accusing Guerra of are sexual and physical assault, he said.

“Domestic violence is a serious local, state and national issue,” Guerra said opening the news conference. “I refuse to be extorted and I will not be a victim of any attempt to entrap and extort me.”

Guerra shared with the media a detailed timeline of their relationship that includes the start of the first false allegation Cepeda made, to the day of their engagement break up and an attempt of extortion thereafter.

“I did not sexually nor physically assault anyone. I strongly deny all accusations made by Ms. Cepeda,” Guerra said.

Her initial extortion demand from Guerra started at $120,000 to $100,000 to then $60,000 then settling on $30,000.

When the former Edinburg employees’ relationship evolved, Cepeda made the first false accusation of physical assault prompting Guerra to start recording visual and audio recordings to protect himself.

This comes shortly after Guerra received a $250,000 severance payment from the city of Edinburg mid-November when Cepeda said she should have some of the severance money.

“I always reiterated to her that if she wants money she needs to get a job, any severance money I received was not earned by her and she is not entitled to any of it.”

Guerra has not given Cepeda any money he did not agree upon nor does he plan to give her from his severance payment. She even forged Guerra’s signature on an $8,000 check leading up to their breakup. Guerra specifically told her she did not have permission to do so via a text message and will be pressing charges as a result.

During the month of December, a series of events took place leading to the couple’s break up on December 15, having a wedding set for April 11, 2020, Guerra shares.

Edinburg PD did get involved that day to further the investigation Cepeda was accusing Guerra of.

A list of demands made by Cepeda was presented at the conference titled, ‘LIST OF DEMANDS TO MEND MIRIAM’S HEART’.

Since the breakup, Cepeda has hired an attorney to defend herself against Guerra.

An assault warrant was issued for Guerra’s arrest that he was aware of and turned himself into Edinburg PD shortly after Wednesday’s news conference was held.

Guerra believes he will be “confidently vindicated” should it go to court.

Edinburg’s Police Cheif, Cesar Torres’ five-day suspension was linked to the dispute after no arrests were made on December 15.