MISSION - Mission Consolidated Independent School District (CISD) Career and Technical Education program is offering a new career pathway for students interested in Veterinary Science. Micaela Flores and Jayleen Hinojosa are currently enrolled in the course and are excited about what the future holds for them in this field.

“My interest in this field goes all the way back to when I was a six-year-old and I discovered my love for animals,” states Flores (Veterans Memorial High School). “I have been around animals almost all my life so my wish is to become a surgeon for them and set up my own practice between Cotulla and San Antonio.”

The program is geared for students that would like to pursue a career in veterinary science and once certification is obtained then students can choose to seek employment in a variety of places such as a clinic, a zoo, pet shelter, and even open their own business. Students may even choose to work as a certified veterinary tech assistant and continue with their education in pursuit of a degree in this field.

“I started learning all about animals, their organs, different parasites, breeds, instruments used in veterinary science and I just fell in love with the subject,” states Hinojosa (Mission High School). “Once I complete my 500 hours in the hands-on training, I will be getting my certification. I will be seeking employment at the veterinary clinic in Mission while I attend college.”

The students have been learning a variety of topics while in class but one of the projects that were the most exciting for them was making animal toys and snacks from scratch. Genevieve Martinez (VMHS), Annika Villarreal (MHS) and Myriam Garza (MHS) each had to review the diet restrictions for their animals and determine what they could eat in order to make the treats for this project.

According to Ms. Yadira Zapata (Veterinary Science instructor), students are required to complete 200 hands-on training hours in the classroom and another 300 hands-on training outside of the classroom before they graduate from high school. Once they have completed their hours, then they must take their Texas Veterinary Medical Association exam in order to receive their certification.

For information on the Veterinary Science class at Mission High School contact Ms. Yadira Zapata at (956) 323-5700 or Mr. Sergio Pena, CTE Program Director at (956) 323-5477.