MISSION - Mission Consolidated Independent School District (CISD) officials have stressed the important role that everyone can play in keeping schools safe places for students, staff, and visitors. A district transportation department driver was recognized today for her recent actions at a campus.

Graciela Jasso was recently parked at a campus waiting to depart when she noticed something suspicious involving a person in plain clothes on school grounds with a handgun on their person, and immediately reported it. The prompt report allowed the campus to respond with a lockdown while the situation was investigated and it was deemed safe. In this situation, the individual was a police officer picking up their child.

“Ms. Jasso’s awareness of her surroundings and reaction to her observations are the perfect example of our district safety slogan: Notice it? Report it!” said Martin Castañeda, coordinator for safety and security. “Her quick actions allowed for everyone to respond in accordance with our safety protocols.”

Castaneda presented a letter of recognition to Jasso during a transportation department staff meeting, on behalf of the district administration. The letter recounts the events of the situation and how her actions are appreciated in helping maintain safe schools in the district.