Is anyone interested in some delicious, sizeably large, traditional Mexican breakfast tacos? Same here! As we've repeatedly mentioned, just in case it isn't clear yet, we LOVE breakfast and recently found another local treasure where we can go to satisfy our A.M. cravings.

Established back in 1999, Irene's Mexican Restaurant in San Juan, Texas, has been catering to the needs of the locals' love for flavorful and filling Mexican breakfast and lunch meals. Ms. Irene Hernandez, her daughter "Little Irene", and Irene's son, Eddie Palacios clearly take great pride in the quality food and service they provide to our RGV community.

Immediately upon walking into Irene's, we were cheerfully welcomed in by Palacios who proceeded to joke about "barbacoa de gato" being the special of the day then laughed and assured us that he was totally kidding, but did have some tasty barbacoa, traditionally cooked in a pit in the ground, available to order. "Barbacoa" technically refers to animal meat that is slow-roasted over an open fire, usually in a pit dug into the ground. After cooking for hours, the meat is tender and easy to shred. We wholeheartedly laughed along, feeling completely at home and enticed by the description of the food menu items.

Because we know no other way, and really don't care to, we ordered a variety of tacos: barbacoa on corn tortillas (of course), potato and egg in flour, and migas with egg and crispy bacon, also on flour. To add something a bit healthier off the menu, we also ordered a side of oatmeal, provided with ground cinnamon and honey, and some grilled ham. For morning pick-me-up beverages, we decided on some fresh coffee and unsweetened iced tea.

We couldn't be happier with the genuinely friendly and accommodating customer service provided at Irene's and will definitely be back to try some of their lunch specials like Eddie's Special Cheese Enchiladas or the Caldo de Res, just to name a couple. Next time you're in the Pharr-San Juan-Alamo area, stop by Irene's and treat yourselves to some seriously good food and amazing service.

Irene’s is located one block south of Expressway 83, behind Walgreens, and one block west of the San Juan Shrine, at 816 N Veteran’s Blvd., Ste. E in San Juan, TX 78589. Their hours of operation are Monday through Saturday from 7:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m. and closed on Sundays. For more information, you can contact them at (956) 702-0155 or follow them on Facebook for daily lunch specials and new menu items.

Gaby Jones and Trisha Watts work hand-in-hand with the service industry. Jones is in charge of craft and imported beer for L&F Distributors-South Texas and Watts is a freelance writer specializing in the marketing of the service industry. Each week they will have a new adventure and provide an opinion on multiple locations throughout the Rio Grande Valley. They can be reached at