McALLEN - In an effort to provide support to local restaurants, McAllen Public Utility will be waiving wastewater surcharges through the end of July 2020. Wastewater surcharges are assessed to compensate for the extra treatment that must be conducted due to excess grease or industrial waste collected into the wastewater systems and treated at the wastewater treatment plant. MPU is relaxing the requirement to have grease traps cleaned every 90 days due to less volume of wastewater coming from these businesses.

“We at McAllen Public Utility would like to help our local restaurants struggling to stay open by relaxing the 90-day grease trap pumping policy and waiving the sewer surcharge fees. Obviously, patrons are not visiting eateries during this quarantine period, and we would like to do what we can to help our dining establishments during this difficult time,” stated Mark Vega, P.E., MPU General Manager.

MPU still recommends that businesses clean their grease trap as grease accumulation can lead to possible clogging issues in their service lines once the activity is reestablished and because it may also cause clogging in MPU’s wastewater collection systems.