HIDALGO/EDINBURG – The Hidalgo County Community Service Agency will receive funding for COVID-2019 Disaster Assistance under the CARES Act.

"We are receiving $4 million for additional Utility Assistance," said Hidalgo County Community Service Agency Executive Director Jaime Longoria. "That is above and beyond for our Electrical Utility Assistance program."

“An additional $2 million will go towards helping affected families with the other needs under the service matrix that was adopted. The good news is that the agency is in a position to assist families who are in real need right now,” Longoria added.

The additional monies will be used to provide funding assistance to qualifying individuals and families for COVID-19 related emergencies and situations.

Additional assistance in the following areas will be provided: Rent Assistance, Vehicle Repair, Utility Assistance/Water, Utility Allowance for Sewer/Trash Collection, Medical Medication and Supplies, Internet Assistance, Health Insurance, Mortgage Assistance, Gas Cards, and Emergency Food/Grocery Cards.

Eligible families will receive funding for up to a month, said Longoria.

Those seeking assistance will be required to provide documentation on how they were affected by the health crisis.

Interested applicants can call the Hidalgo County CSA at 956-383-6240, or visit their website for more information: https://www.hidalgocounty.us/1063/Community-Service-Agency