McAllen ISD students in the Business Professionals of America (BPA) Program brought home multiple awards from their Regional and State Conferences this spring. Here are the results:

McAllen High students who placed at State BPA.

Carlos Montes 12th Personal Financial Management Anthony Castillo 19th Intermediate Word Processing Skills Jorge Garza 17th Advanced Word Processing Leonardo Lerma 12th Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications McAllen Memorial High students who placed at State BPA.

Sara Arredondo 15th ICD 10 Diagnostic Coding Andrea Gonzalez 40th Basic Office Systems & Procedures Isai Nava 21st Fundamental Word Processing Victoria Santiago 37th Banking & Finance Cynthia Vazquez 27th Advanced Word Processing Nikki Rowe High student who placed at State BPA.

Alfonso Barrera 6th C++ Programming Lamar Academy students who placed at State BPA.

Daniel Guerra 6th Entrepreneurship Sophia Villarreal 7th Extemporaneous Speech Daniela Garcia & Riya Manohar 7th Economic Research McAllen High students at Regional BPA.

Yessica Guajardo Alternate Graphic Design Presentation Carlos Montes 1st Personal Financial Management Leo Lerma 1st Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications Victor Saldan 2nd Advanced Spreadsheet Applications Jorge Garza 2nd Advanced Word Processing Valerie Santiago 2nd Presentation Management Individual Anyssa Mojica 2nd Extemporaneous Speaking Anyssa Mujica 2nd Business Management Team Cassandra Saenz Eliana Dela Rosa Javier de la Garza Emiliano Martinez 3rd Banking & Finance Jaime Hurtado 3rd Business Law & Ethics Eliana Dela Rosa 4th Payroll Accounting Anthony Castillo 4th Intermediate word processing skills Anwar Barrancos 4th Medical Office Procedures Memorial High students at Regional BPA.

Sara Arredondo 1st ICD 10 Diagnostic Coding Samira Garza 1st Advanced Interviewing Skills Michael Lawson 1st Server Administration using Microsoft Luis Perez 1st Presentation Management Individual Ashley Sauceda 2nd Interviewing Skills Anna Hernandez 2nd Human Resource Management Natalie Gibson 2nd Entrepreneurship Jean Salinas 2nd PC Servicing & Troubleshooting Luis Perez 2nd Presentation Management Team Nicte Trevino Daniela Perez Andrea Gonzalez 3rd Basic Office Systems & Procedures Juan Vega 3rd Computer Network Technology Isai Nava 4th Fundamental Word Processing Victoria Santiago 4th Banking & Finance Cynthia Vazquez 4th Advanced Word Processing Nikki Rowe High students at Regional BPA.

Alejandra Llanos 3rd Payroll Accounting America Prado 1st Advanced Word Processing Maia Gimotea 1st Integrated Office Applications Dulce Rodriguez 4th Basic Office Systems & Procedures Miranda Garza 2nd Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications Paola Enriquez 2nd Advanced Spreadsheet Applications Liliana Garza 1st Database Applications Alondra Flores 1st Medical Office Procedures Patricio Rodriguez 1st Business Law & Ethics Jorge Gonzalez 2nd Computer Network Technology Andrew Martinez 1st PC Servicing & Troubleshooting Brandon Molina 2nd Computer Security Alfonso Barrera 1st C++ Programming Oscar Esquivel 1st Digital Media Production Brianna Melendez 1st Human Resource Management Haziel De Los Santos 2nd Video Production Team Oscar Esquivel Michael Gonzalez 3rd Presentation Management – Individual Alondra Alegria 6th Intermediate Word Processing Skills Charles Price 4th Fundamental Accounting Lamar Academy students at Regional BPA.

Sofia Avila 4th Personal Financial Management Emeterio Salinas 2nd Payroll Accounting Sydnee Baldree 2nd Medical Office Procedures Katya Orozco 1st Legal Office Procedures Krishek Jaini 2nd Graphic Design Promotion Victoria Otero 1st Fundamentals of Web Design Ana Cristerna 2nd Fundamental Desktop Publishing Jared Gutierrez 3rd Fundamental Accounting Sofia Villarreal 1st Extemporaneous Speech Daniel Guerra 1st Entrepreneurship Victoria Phillips 2nd Business Law & Ethics Sohum Jain 1st Banking & Finance Sofia Villarreal 1st Video Production Team Sohum Jain, Jofred Gonzalez Amaya Munoz Daniel Guerra 3rd Small Business Management Team Krishek Jaini Jared Gutierrez Riya Manohar 1st Economic Research Project Team Daniela Garcia