EDINBURG – After Governor Greg Abbott’s announcement on Monday, April 27 on Texas’ Phase 1 reopening; the City of Edinburg followed with a ‘Live Safe, Work Safe’ amended Disaster Order signed by Mayor Richard Molina Thursday afternoon.

The ‘Live Safe, Work Safe’ plan is effective after 12:01 a.m. on Thursday, April 30, 2020, but encourages residents to continue doing the following:

1. Wear facial coverings

2. Practice good hygiene

3. Stay home

4. Businesses set to reopen should require employees and/or customers to wear facial coverings

5. Continue sanitizing keypads, card swipe machines, self-checkout registers and surfaces (e.g., H-E-B and Lowes Store Policy)

“We’ve revised our orders to be named ‘Live Safe, Work Safe’,” said Edinburg City Manager Ron Garza. “Our stay-at-home orders have been lifted so individuals can now go about their activities, however, personal safety and living safe at all times is at the very heart of this order.”

The City of Edinburg is requiring the businesses set to reopen tomorrow, Friday, May 1, to submit a ‘Work Safe’ plan. Essential businesses in operation do not have to submit a new plan if they’ve already done so.

A compliance team is in place to assist the 3,000+ businesses located in Edinburg that wish to reopen tomorrow.

“People have been afraid and they’ve been saying ‘Mayor, we’re not ready’ said Molina. “We understand that just like you have the right to open, you also have the right not to open if you don’t feel comfortable. This is just allowing us to do Phase 1.”

Of those businesses, Edinburg’s movie theatre and the library will remain closed until June (a specific date was not announced).

State and City of Edinburg Mandates Are:

1. Self-isolate if you are sick, positive with COVID-19 or have come into contact with a COVID-19 patient

2. Restaurants and coffee houses must serve food and drinks in individual to-go packaging on disposable plates and cups

3. Dine-In businesses, retailers, movie theatres, libraries and museums should not exceed the 25% occupancy

4. Continue six-foot social distancing

5. City’s curfew is now lifted

6. City’s parks and trails are open but facilities and equipment are closed off

7. City’s golf course operations are in place (limitations on golf carts/equipment) and no more than four people per hole

8. City Hall remains closed to visitors but can be assisted online, phone or if paying your water bill, use the drive-thru tellers

9. City employees are required to wear facial coverings

10. Salons, Barbershops, Interactive Entertainment Facilities and Gyms will remain closed until further notice

“Very early on over the course of this pandemic period, the city was revising orders daily or weekly going through about five different versions of orders,” said City Attorney Omar Ochoa. “Once again we find ourselves in an environment where guidance and laws have changed and the city has to adapt to that… this order is asking citizens to take responsibility for themselves and to really make sure that you are living safely.”

For more information call #259-HELP (4357) The next council meeting will be streamed on May 5th, 2020.

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