McALLEN - The City of McAllen would like to help local restaurants and other retail businesses with updated Phase 1 re-opening guidelines to help these businesses reopen properly this Friday, May 1, 2020. Restaurants, malls, libraries and museums will be allowed to open at 25% operating capacity. For the City of McAllen, that number for each business will be a quarter of the total number of their approved occupancy load.

Additionally, businesses will be asked to post a City of McAllen Safe Business Full Phase 1 Re-Opening Commitment form, that states they are abiding by all state, county and local guidelines in their operations. The form indicates the steps the businesses will take to ensure the safety and health of their employees, by monitoring for illness; providing personal protective equipment; and asking that customers observe proper hygiene etiquette when interacting with employees. Businesses will have to monitor social distancing; clean and disinfect frequently used areas; and readily make available for employees and customers hand sanitizers, hand soap, disinfecting wipes, soap and water, or other similar products.

The form can be obtained at the City of McAllen website at

The City of McAllen Safe Business Full Phase 1 Re-Opening Commitment form should be signed and posted in the business store front. City of McAllen Health & Code Enforcement officers will be conducting checks to ensure that businesses that open-up on Friday are following the proper guidelines and have the commitment forms posted.

For more information regarding the new orders, please contact McAllen’s 3-1-1 Customer Service Call Center.