HIDALGO – Hidalgo County Judge Richard F. Cortez reminds Hidalgo County citizens that although, county orders have been lifted (shelter-in-place and curfew) and as the state continues to slowly reopen; not to stop practicing social distancing and should still wear face masks.

“Don’t let your guard down,” Cortez said. “Hidalgo County, it is up to you to continue to act responsibly by avoiding large gatherings, keeping physical separation, covering your face, washing your hands, sanitizing often touched surfaces and avoiding unnecessary travel.”

With numbers fluctuating in positive cases, recovery cases and testing – Hidalgo County has been observing the number of people testing positive for COVID-19 since Week One. The following are:

WEEK ONE: 11 People

WEEK TWO: 51 People

WEEK THREE: 66 People

WEEK FOUR: 70 People

WEEK FIVE: 63 People

WEEK SIX: 42 People

WEEK SEVEN: 36 People

WEEK EIGHT: *Predicted to be under 36*

With the state now allowing beauty salons, barbershops and gyms to reopen, Hidalgo County is seeking to bring back our economy locally.

Cortez and State Representatives and Senators are requesting a grant from the federal Corona Virus Relief Funds for a $38 million budget.

“I will be asking Commissioners Court to appropriate as much as the funds that are eligible from the Corona Relief Fund to go towards grants to relieve small businesses and individuals affected,” said Cortez.

He added that county officials are still establishing federal guidelines on who is eligible for the grant, how it will be administered and how to apply with an announcement next week.

Cortez reminds citizens that the “precautions [Hidalgo County] has taken have been successful in protecting our community.”

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