SAN JUAN - Jesus Aguillon was born in Hacienda Tanquecillos Nuevo Leon, Mexico on May 18, 1920. At the age of 18, he moved to Monterrey Nuevo Leon where he worked at a brewery around that time he met San Juanita Ramirez and fell deeply in love with her and got married. San Juanita was originally from Texas so they moved to Alamo, Texas.

Mr. Aguillon worked for Jimmy Moore doing farming work.

In the 1960s he migrated up north to work on the fields, after that he moved back to Alamo where he's been a long time resident and raised a family.


Concepcion Ramirez(+)

Rosalinda rodriguez(+)

Carmen Gonzalez

Jesus Aguillon Jr

Roel Aguillon

Rogelio Aguillon

Juan M Aguillon

grandkids 22

great-grand kids 41

great-great grandkids 9


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