Congratulations go out to the Sharyland ISD B.L. Gray Jr. High chess team on their chess competition at the National Chess Tournament in Minneapolis, Minnesota, April 9-11, 2010.

The Gray Knights proved that they are a force to be reckoned with. They placed 11th out of 25 teams representing districts from Minneapolis, Miami, Philadelphia, New Berlin, Doral, Bronx, Harlingen, Sparta, Burnsville, Brooklyn, New York, Westport, Ames, Edinburg, Rochester and Mission. The top Gray Knights players and their scores are: Raul Ortiz 4.5, Victor Juarez 4.5, Nicholas Martinez 4, and Carl Diaz 3. They were ahead of both the Harlingen and the Edinburg teams, which came in 15th and 24th place respectively.

Thanks go to Kathryn Vela and Stephen Beckman, sponsors; Cynthia Sandoval-Wilson, principal; and to the parents and community for their support and enthusiasm.

The other B.L. Gray Chess Team participants at Nationals were: Dean Dalac, Aaron Delgado, Brian Pena, Christian Encarnacion.