Weather forecasters are predicting that the rest of this week will be “hotter than July,” and have raised concern for those who are not acclimated to the summer heat.

For the rest of this week and perhaps beyond, the combination of temperature and humidity will make it ‘feel like’ 105 to 110 degrees F, particularly across the Lower and middle RGV (Starr County to the coast; Willacy and Kenedy County extending north). Complicating the potential threat will be the number of school children, and perhaps more adults, that might be outdoors.

Studies have found that early, or pre-season, heat waves can produce more instances of heat stress, heat exhaustion, or the most deadly heat stroke than the more typical mid summer heat, according to the National Weather Service in Brownsville.

“While the H1N1 influenza virus has been a predominant news story here in the Valley, we must also be attuned to threats from the unusual heat and creeping humidity, given the time of year,” said Barry Goldsmith, warning coordination meteorologist for National Weather Service in Brownsville, via e-mail. “Not only does it feel like July in May, but without the effect of some cooling showers or outflows from such, for much of this week it will feel “hotter than July.”

A potential wildfire threat also rises when predicted 20 to 30 mph daytime winds combined with full sunshine, no rainfall, and intensifying drought conditions make today through Friday the most dangerous time for fires, the NWS reports.