If the community meets them half way, representatives from Santana Textiles say there are numerous opportunities for change in Edinburg as their facility gets underway next month.

Emphasizing a civic-minded approach in the community once the foundation is set for more than 800 jobs, Santana officials sent a message to those interested in the company’s intentions as the facility gets up and running

“We have the idea that says when the people are happy with you, you can work much better. I saw a lot of opportunities in Edinburg to help the community. And the community can help us to be successful,” said Santana CEO Roberto Cantu at a roundtable with reporters last week. “You need talent to survive and to be ready for all the economic and polticial problems. We need to be ready, and the only way to do that is to be okay with the community. The community is the only solution when you have problems.”

The Edinburg Economic Development Corporation, along with officials from Santana, held a roundtable with reporters last week to talk about phase I of their upcoming facility. From its onset, the plant will produce 1.3 million yards, more than one million jeans, per month, and then distributed to high profile jeans manufacturers like Levis and American Eagle, according to Santana.

Edinburg’s plant will be Santana’s sixth, and most technologically advanced facility to date, according to the EDC. The company currently has four plants in Brazil and one in Argentina. The company will work with FibeRio, located within UTPA’s Rapid Response Manufacturing Center (RRMC) to research and potentially develop new materials as Santana’s plant begins production.

“In Edinburg we have cotton, we have very good logistics, and the quality of labor is very different,” Cantu said. “Sometimes we have problems with the quality of labor in some places for obvious reasons. In some states in Brazil they have a lot of agricultural workers but that means they might not have the technical labor. Here of course we have a very good labor quality.”