Everyday is Earth Day, according to members of the Edinburg Environmental Advisory Board.

To celebrate the group says it is doing the best thing it can do to — that is hold a meeting to implement new ideas to make Edinburg a greener and environmentally aware community.

The EAB will meet today in the boardroom at City Hall to discuss the idea of implementing a new City Tree Planting Campaign. The campaign encourages the participation of both citizens and local businesses, and commits to planting a significant number of trees all over the city over the next few years.

The measure is in support of the city’s new urban forestry program and the city’s pledge pursuant to the US Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Agreement to maintain a healthy urban forest and promote tree planting to increase shading and to absorb CO2.

“The Environment Advisory Board will be doing one of the best things we can possibly do in celebration of Earth Day - we are holding an Environment Advisory Board meeting and through the collaboration of citizens and city staff members actually plan and implement real ideas to improve Edinburg’s environment,” said Mark Peña, EEAB boardmember and coordinator of Edinburg’s CoolCities climate change initiative.

CoolCities Edinburg will also hold a meeting this Thursday at 6 p.m. at the Dustin Sekula Memorial Public Library. A program entitled “A New and Sustainable Vision for Edinburg’s Planning and Development” will be a presentation on the American Institute of Architects (AIA) 10 Principles for a Livable Community.

“As my youngest son Esteban said the other day ‘Dad, every day is Earth Day,’ Isn’t that the wonderful truth,” Peña said.