Actions by the City Council for July 7, 2009

Public Hearings/Ordinances/Variance

City Approved:

Ordinance providing for Comprehensive Plan Amendment from suburban use to auto-urban

use and rezoning request by Jose and Maria Cantu. Property was Lot 25B in the 281

Estates Subdivision located at 903 Orange Avenue.

Ordinance for special use permit for consumption of alcohol requested by Reymundo

Trevi'96o. Permit is for a night club at Trevi'96os Restaurant located at 1500 N.

Closner Blvd.

Variance to Unified Development Code for Alegria Subdivision, Santa Cruz Gardens

Subdivision located at south side of Benito Ramirez Road. Requested by NAIN


Ordinance for the Final Project Plan and Reinvestment Zone Financing Plan in

connection with Reinvestment Zone No. 3.


Awarded bid for purchase and installation of handheld mobile citation issuing system

for the Edinburg Municipal Court. Authorized City Manager to negotiate a contract

with as yet unnamed firm.

Authorized the purchase of Opticom GPS Intersection System from Consolidated Traffic

Controls, Inc. for the amount of $38,725.

Authorized City Manager to advertise for request of qualifications for a future

downtown revitalization plan.

Consent Agenda

Approved change order No. 5 for Bid No. 2008-36, Paving and Drainage Improvements

for Canton Rd. Amount increased by $92,674.36.

Approved a resolution for an interlocal agreement with Hidalgo County in connection

with Reinvestment Zone No. 3

Approved a resolution and agreement between the City of Edinburg, EEDC, and Edinburg

Texas Local Government Corporation in connection with Reinvestment Zone No. 3.

Authorized the City Manager to enter into a Interlocal Cooperation Agreement between

the City and Hidalgo County for the installation of bus shelters.

Authorized a Change Order No.1 for Bid No. 2009-26, Cell Construction at the

Edinburg Regional Sanitary Landfill by $61,134

Authorized City Manager to enter into an Engineering Agreement between the City and

Golder Associates Inc., to provide second phase semi-annual sampling, analysis and

monitoring to the Edinburg Regional Sanitary Landfill.

Authorized City Manager to execute MOE between the Texas Forest Service and Regional

Incident Management team member and City to delineate responsibilities under the

Texas Emergency Management Plan.

Approved Change Order No. 1 for Bid No. 2009-46 for Sugar Road Paving and Drainage

improvement increasing amount by $30,550

Approved Transfer of Funds in FY 2008-2009 budget:

Human Services: FROM Communications/Telephone; Office

Equipment/Furniture;Professional Services;Food; Wearing Apparel; and Dues and

Subscriptions TO Part-time salaries in the amount of $4,485

Los Lagos: From Motor Vehicle Fuel account TO Water and Sanitary Sewer Account in

the amount of $21,000