Residents of a subdivision in west Edinburg are seething following a decision by Edinburg City Council to allow on site consumption of alcohol at a proposed banquet hall near their homes.

The possibility of loud music, alcohol consumption, and people driving into the Hacienda del Bronco subdivision have prompted fear and anger from residents who say that overflow from the hall could eventually end up on their lawns. Residents have only one street, Camino Real, to enter and exit the subdivision.

“The peace and quiet we have now is going to be destroyed whenever there is a function,” said resident James Stockwell. “There is going to be noise and traffic, and beer bottles broken, and that is just the way it is. That is going to happen, I’m almost certain.”

At their regular meeting on Jan. 20 the City Council approved a special use one year permit for consumption of alcoholic beverages on the premises of La Antigua Revilla Banquet Center on the Mission Tile subdivision, located at 4101 W. University.

Banquet owner, Jose Luis Ramirez, is proposing two halls to be located in one 10,000 square foot building. Ramirez plans to lease the facility for luncheons and business meetings on weekdays, and quinceañeras or weddings on Fridays and Saturdays. The property is zoned for commercial use. A grand total of 299 parking spaces are needed for the entire facility.

The banquet hall will hold a capacity of about 700 people. In his presentation to the city, Ramirez said he planned to have security guards for the evening events who would also serve a dual role to direct traffic away from the neighborhood.

Advocates for the proposed banquet hall say they hope the facility would draw attention to the spot on University Drive.

“We support and look forward to the opening of the banquet hall,” said Alma Gutierrez and Velma Reyna owners of Kiddie University, a daycare center located on the premises in a letter of endorsement to Edinburg Planning and Zoning.

“(We) would relish in the prospective of new business,” they said.

Councilmember Noe Garza gave banquet hall owners a trial period of about six months in which the city would determine if the facility is compliant with all municipal codes via neighboring property input and police reports. The permit may be revoked for any violations of city and TABC regulations, according to the city.

“It’s not good enough, we are disappointed mainly because even though the whole neighborhood is opposed to it, it’s like we don’t have a voice,” Stockwell said. “They just ignored us all together.”