The International Museum of Art & Science in McAllen will welcome Mexican born artist Alejandro Benassini and his eccentric installation titled Inside Silence, on Thursday, Aug. 19. Composed of 600 pieces, Inside Silence documents the personal journey into the void and solitude of silence, allowing the viewer to visualize a mental representation of silence.

In an attempt to define Inside Silence, I have to say that as a symbol, it is an axis mundi, states Benassini. Axis Mundi, is of Latin origin, defined as: the center of the world, or the point of connection through which the universe revolves. With this unifying force in play Benassini continues, Experience and materialization unify, in which the curved and organic space of the gallery integrates the viewer. Imagine the construction of a landscape, where the roots and foliage remain out of view, revealing itself as a repetitive image of a tree trunk and its exterior white space, in a tangible form that occupies our whole field of vision.

Installation art is a unique art form that attempts to recreate or transform a particular space. Although installation art can be created for both indoor and outdoor settings, many are set within interior spaces, such as galleries, or public venues. Regardless of the setting, the purpose behind installation art is to alter the perception and ambiance in its specific location. That being said, Inside Silence achieves just that. In his unique attempt to reiterate a particular way of seeing things, Benassini uses our natural surroundings, (in this case, trees scattered throughout a landscape) and the concept of isolation to evoke the feeling of silence. Embracing the interdependence between an exterior setting in an interior space, is necessary to fully grasp the concept behind Inside Silence.

Born in Mexico City, Benassini studied Visual Arts in the Escuela Nacional de Artes Plasticas (UNAM). He later began working as a professor of plastic arts in Mexico City and Veracruz, and led production workshops, while working as an illustrator for various magazines, simultaneously. Over the years, Benassini has participated in several contests and group exhibitions throughout Mexico; his latest work was displayed at Flux Factory, Flux Gallery in New York.

Inside Silence

will be on display from Aug. 19 through Nov. 14. An Opening Reception will take place on Thursday, Aug. 19 from 6 to 8 p.m. at IMAS. This reception is FREE for IMAS Members and is included in General Admission for non-members.