native of Mexico, Hector Morales immigrated to the Rio Grande

Valley when he was a young boy. He attended Sharyland High School

and graduated in 2002.

"font-size: 10pt; font-family:">Most people who know Hector will

tell you he is a pretty outgoing and very social individual. It’s

because of those characteristics that he decided to enroll in South

Texas College’s Communication Arts Program.


felt that particular degree program matched my talents and

abilities the best,” said Hector. “I love to talk with others and

am always trying to find a way to relate to people I meet so I knew

communication was the path for me.”  


went on to graduate from the program in May 2010. In December of

that year, Hector was given the opportunity to join the Mercedes

Benz dealership in Pharr as an associate. And having an associate’s

degree in communication arts has helped him



use my public speaking, small group communication and professional

speaking skills every day when I’m dealing with my customers,” he

explained. “The courses I took through my degree plan helped me

overcome some of the phobias that can come with speaking in front

of others, which I do every day when I tour potential clients

around the facility and cars.

"font-size: 10pt; font-family:">“It is crucial to be able to

communicate in a professional tone when speaking with potential

clients or coworkers,” he continued. “I deal with a wide variety of

customers and I have to be able to communicate correctly and

effectively to do my job well. It’s not just about the words I

choose; it’s also about my tone, my body language – my whole

demeanor. I can say with pride that my STC associate’s degree has

helped me become the success I am today. I learned skills for life

that would fit any job.”

"font-size: 10pt; font-family:">For more information about STC’s

Communication Arts Program contact Dr. Rosalinda Cantu at

956-872-2558 or at rcantu@southtexascollege.edu.

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