Edinburg Municipal Court is giving offenders just one month to clear their outstanding arrest warrants before a city wide sweep takes effect in mid-March.

Municipal Court judge Terry Palacios announced on Feb. 12 that the city will be conducting an amnesty program from Feb. 15 to March 15. During this time period the Court will allow those in the city to clear outstanding violations, which include traffic and penal warrants, without fear of arrest. The City will also waive the $160 fine it includes with each failure to appear charge.

"I want to encourage everyone out there to try and come in and start making payments and arranging to clear these fines," Palacios said at a press conference on Feb. 12. "Through this program we want to try and forgive the failure to appear warrant, which means you will not be arrested, and we will waive the $160 fine for each violation."

Edinburg warrant officers will target those who have not taken care of their outstanding violations following the one month amnesty on March 15. Officers intend to make house visits or stops at violators' places of business to make arrests following the amnesty.

Palacios also announced the start of the City's Omnibase Program, which means the Court will start reporting outstanding violations to the State of Texas to prevent repeat offenders from receiving or renewing their driver's license.

"If you try to come in and make arrangements to pay you will avoid the embarrassment of us having to go out there on March 15 to do a roundup," Palacios said. "I'm asking that you please take care of these problems before you go out there and get arrested."

The City has accumulated over 11,000 outstanding warrants totaling $2.5 million over the course of one year. Citations include Class-C offenses like public intoxication or driving without a license.