Tim Seaman of California, Gary Westerfield of New York, Dr. Tom Eastler of Maine, Rachel LaVallee of Canada, Dave McGovern of Alabama, Bert Pickell of San Antonio, Dave Gwyn of Houston, Janis Bluhm of George West and many others never dreamed that their trips to Texas to help teach the PSJA Independent School District Elementary School Coaches the sport of racewalking would someday help racewalking become so successful in those schools.

These professors, racewalk Olympians, racewalk authors and master racewalk judges donated countless hours traveling, teaching and demonstrating the art of racewalking to the PSJA coaching staff.

The PSJA Elementary School District coaches now completed their second year of teaching a three week racewalking course to all their 3rd, 4th and 5th graders and held, what are believed to have been the first elementary school sponsored racewalks ever held in the USA.

The top three girl and boy racewalkers in each 8, 9, 10 and 11 year age bracket divisions from twenty-four of the elementary schools were bused to the stadium. Eleven schools on Tuesday and thirteen on Thursday. The results were magnificent!

The coaches deteremination and resolve to build a strong racewalking program at the PSJA schools was clearly evident this week. The form and technique demonstrated by the majority of the four hundred sixty-nine young children participating was exceptionally good. The school administrations support of the program was also evident since many of the school staff were seen actively assisting during the races including the starter, Southwest High School head coach Jesus Reyes.