Summer is here and so is swimsuit season. Many may realize the year’s half gone and they haven’t followed through with their New Year’s resolution to eat healthier and work out. How does one get results — and fast?

“Never fear,” Jason Perez, champion power lifter and personal trainer at Pump Fitness says. “The good news is there’s still time to get back on the right nutritional track and get your body back in shape for summer.”

People who are not used to exercise should consult with a doctor before beginning any exercise routine. “Beginners start with less-intense exercises such as walking and light weights,” Perez says. “We help them work their way up to more challenging activities.”

Most health professionals agree people can slim down and shape up in as few as four to eight weeks, safely losing up to two pounds per week.

“It depends where you’re at now,” Perez says. “By incorporating the right nutritional changes and performing daily simple exercise routines, one can not only feel good, but look good in shorts, dresses and bathing suits.”

Pump trainers begin with consultations to find out what habits their new clients have and to help them find their way to healthier lifestyles.

“I tell my clients that whenever they question why they are stuck at the level of fitness that they are, it is because of their daily choices,” Perez says. “They need to do some kind of cardiovascular activity 30 minutes to an hour, five days a week, for optimal weight loss. It’s just that simple.”

Achieving fitness goal boils down to commitment. “Granted, finding the time to exercise can be a challenge,” acknowledges Perez. “But if clients can’t carve out a 30-minute or hour block for physical activity, they can try fitting in three 10-minute blocks, such as one in the morning, at lunch and again after work for brisk walking, climbing stairs or jumping rope.”

Any activity takes dedication, and that’s the difficult part of staying with a fitness routine. “The bottom line is discipline and consistency,” Perez says. “It can be easy to slide back into a cycle of laziness. That’s when we have to stop and ask ourselves what causes this and why. Surprisingly, we often become slaves to harmful habits that contradict our goals. That’s when we here at Pump step in to help.”

Cross-training or mixing up a routine can be the key to finding the exercise that fits one’s needs. Perez recommends hitting the weights at least three days a week, targeting all major muscle groups. Beginners can start with one set of exercises and build up to two or three. Eight to 12 repetitions of an activity is standard. The weight should be heavy enough to completely fatigue the target muscle by the last rep.

Perez asks clients to keep a food diary of everything they eat. On training session days, he reviews the diary with clients and gives his recommendations. “One must take a really good look at regular food choices,” he says. “Notice what the difficult times of day are for you, and what foods are most tempting.”

To lose a pound of fat in a week, one must create a deficit of 3,500 calories by eating less and exercising more. “It helps cut calories when clients reduce portions of fat and carbohydrates by one-third and increase portions of fruits and veggies,” Perez recommends. “Adding plenty of protein to one’s diet is crucial in building muscle, which burns more calories.”

Once his clients start making the small changes, they start seeing big differences. “Within one month of healthy eating and regular exercise, you can start to see an improvement in energy levels, a moderate amount of weight loss and some increases in muscle tone,” Perez says. “Working out really makes you feel more confident. Discipline and consistency work in our lives the same way gas and oil runs your vehicle. Together, the rewards can be immeasurable.”

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