City engineers last week presented to City Councilmembers an update for all major road construction projects in Edinburg. They are:

Canton Road:

1.8 miles with a five lane road from McColl Road to Jackson Road, and a four lane road with bike lanes from Jackson to Bus. 281 is 87 percent complete. Estimated completion is March 14, 2010.

North Jackson Road:

1.25 miles, and a five-lane roadway with bike lanes is 54 percent complete. Estimated completion is March 15, 2010.

Sugar Road:

One mile, and five lane roadway is 38 percent complete. Completion date is June 3, 2010.

Bar II Subdivision

Phase I, which included drainage improvements was completed in 2009. Phase II, which include pavement improvements were completed in 2010.

The project is 100 percent complete.

Enfield Estates Subdivision:

Roadway proposal with an estimated total cost at $936,180 to complete the project in three phases. Street improvements are estimated to cost $184,649. Costs for Water improvements are estimated at $475,079, and sewer improvements at $276,452.